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About Patricia


Rejuvenate Body, Mind,
and Spirit with
and Spiritual Release

emotional pain, autism, Past lives, Addiction, ADHD, Injuries

childhood wounds, sexual abuse, Poor circulation, Stuck creativity

Patricia Heenan, M.A.
Evanston, Illinois

Spiritual Healer/Educator
Certified Reiki-ssage
Unique Approach

During a spiritual release session, Patricia first senses suppressed memories and blocked emotions in certain areas of her client's body. Then she serves as a catalyst for the release of these pent-up energies. Patricia explains, "As an empathy healer, I am available when my client is ready so that I can merge with them to do this work."

In her healing practice Patricia assists clients to release: grief and losses, childhood wounds, trauma from sexual abuse, issues underlying unhealthy and addictive relationships, fatigue, chakra blockage, fear or confusion about one's life purpose, past lives, negative energy, stress and anxiety, as well as physical and emotional pain.

Patricia does not believe a long-term process is necessary. "Often a client sees me once or twice and is healed because of their readiness to undergo this intense treatment."

Clients are often referred to Patricia by licensed therapists, chiropractors and other specialists, including sponsors of 12-step programs.

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